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Cocopeat Products

Growbags / Cocopeat Bales

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1. Growbags

Nowadays, cocopeat growbags are more and more well known thanks to their excellent drainage & aeration. They are a 100% compostable growing medium for vegetables, fruit & flowers. The cocopeat is the sole component of growbags. They are made of a specific portion of cocopeat and chips to provide your required air to water ratio. Our growbags are controlled and certified by OMRI™ and ECOCERT™. We can also fully customize the finished product depending on your requirements. For example, we can prepare washed material, drill different size & shape plant holes, make different size & shape plant hole in the UV bags etc. Our growbags are pressed hydraulically and packed inside of UV treated bags.

A. Natural

It contains 100% cocopeat.

B. Duo

It contains 40% to 80% cocopeat and 60% to 20% coco chips which dimeter bigger than 10mm. The exact percentage up to your demand.

C. Air

It contains 0% to 40% cocopeat and 60% to 100% coco chips which dimeter are 3-6mm. The exact percentage up to your demand.

2. Cocopeats Bales

A. 5KG Bales with 100% cocopeat
B. 5KG Bales with 100% coco chips