Our products can be fully customized according to your needs.

We export internationally and have a dedicated logistics team to ensure a fast, smooth delivery.

Our production sites are all located close to coconut plantations, which guarantees a stable supply of high quality raw material.

  • Cocopeat

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    Cocopeat Products

    Growbags / Cocopeat Bales

    This category includes 2 main products which are growbags and cocopeat bales. The content, size, EC level etc. are all fully customizable. To guarantee good expansion, we secure quality raw material right from the beginning. Materials are dried in green houses with a concrete floor or using open concrete yards or tarpaulins. Furthermore, before production we screen the dried cocopeat to remove impurities, such as sand, stone, dust etc.

  • Fiber

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    Fiber Products

    Fiber Bale / Fiber Rope

    Coconut fiber is a natural fiber extracted from the coconut husk. Advantage of itself features of high lignin content which makes it resilient, strong, and highly durable, it has used in products such as ropes, mats, brushes and mattresses etc. We manufacture premium quality product which dry on concrete yard, sieved by manpower and machines to minimize the impurity. The ropes are twined by machines to guarantee the quality and productivity.