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Biogrow is the leading hydroponic substrates manufacturer for fruits, vegetables and flower growers.

Cocopeat Products

Biogrow provides fully customized growbags and bales for professional growers.

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Coco Fiber Products

Biogrow provides fiber bales and fiber ropes as your request.

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Most Sustainable Natural Growing Medium.

What is cocopeat?
It is a multipurpose growing medium made from coconut husk. It has natural salts which can be processed to different EC level to meet various plants requirements. The fibrous coconut husk is prewashed, dried, sieved, free from sand and other contaminations such as animal feces, soil-borne pathogens and weeds.

Advantage of Cocopeat
1. 100% natural, completely recyclable and renewable. It has a low carbon footprint and a high level of stability.
2. Excellent water retention, high aeration and drainage as per your requirement.
3. It is designed into a spread of shapes and sizes to suit all growing applications.

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We Provides
High-quality eco-friendly products

Biotechnology – the engine of our development

We are evolved from greenhouse growers, have been enriched by the practice of hydroponic culture and organic substrates, therefore we have developed a wide range of coco peat substrates. We know how important it is for us to comply with good product quality and delivery on agreed dates.

There are 4 production sites situated in Brazil (1 factory), Sri Lanka (2 factories), India( 2 factories) and Philippines(1 new factory). Without counting Philippines factory, overall average productivity is 8 million soilless culture bags each year. We always close to coconut plantation all over world to guarantee the sufficient supply of raw material for our customers.